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Payment Terms

The following Payment Terms apply only to customers based in the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) who purchase goods from the www.Grayporter.com website, herein known as ‘Grayporter’). They do not apply if you are a customer of Grayporter in the USA or outside the UK and EU.

For UK and EU customers our payments are processed through Stripe and will be remitted to:

D2C Capital LTD which is a UK Incorporated Company registered at UK Companies House with the Company Number 10357333.

The Registered Corporate Address is: D2C Capital LTD, 8 Fairmeads, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 2JD.


6.8 The price of the goods is set in GBP Pounds (£) for UK customers or Euros (€) for customers in the European Union and includes VAT at the applicable rate;

Terms & Conditions

These Payment Terms do not, in any other way, change nor infringe upon your rights as a customer of Grayporter, as per the Terms & Conditions set out on the Terms and Conditions Page of our website.