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Warranty Information


GrayPorter provides a minimum 365 day warranty on all products we sell.

In addition, our responsibility in respect of the goods is limited to transferring the benefit of any applicable manufacturer warranty to the customer (where possible) and/or submitting claims to the manufacturer under the terms of its warranty, on the customer’s behalf.

That is, if goods which we have supplied are faulty due to defects in workmanship or material we will submit a claim to the manufacturer under any applicable manufacturer warranty to repair or replace them provided that:
(i) they are returned to us within the conditions stipulated in our returns policy here
(ii) they have been correctly stored by the customer.
(iii) they have not been altered by the customer or any third party.
(iv) they have not been damaged while in the customer’s care (e.g. through inappropriate storage, carelessness, misuse, incorrect assembly, contact with corrosive agents or proximity to force fields); and
(v) any other requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty have been met. If we require verification of any issue relating to this condition, the customer will give us full assistance and access to all relevant premises, documents, and equipment.
(vi) No manufacturer’s warranty is provided for wear and tear items if, and when, supplied.

Note: If we are unable to repair or replace goods within 90 days of receiving written notification that they are faulty, and the customer is not entitled to pursue a claim against the manufacturer direct, the customer will be entitled to cancel the contract without penalty and to receive a full refund of the price paid. We will have no further liability whatsoever to the customer. The customer will not be entitled to cancel any associated contracts.

We do not exclude the implied warranty as to title. Save as provided in these conditions, all warranties, conditions, and other terms, whether express or implied, are to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from the contract of sale.