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Shipping Information


The process, delivery times, shipping damage and charges:

1. On receipt of your payment, you will be emailed an order confirmation from us within a few minutes which details the amount spent, the products ordered and the details you submitted as part of your order.

2. Your order will then be passed to our warehouse for processing. If your order is placed before the shipping cut off time shown on the website, your order will shipped to you the same working day.

3. We use FedEx Priority, FedEx International Priority or DHL Express to ship our products to you. Shipping takes place within TWO WORKING DAYS of your order (Working Days defined as Monday through Friday inclusive). So if you order late on Friday and miss the same day cut off, you can expect your products on Wednesday.

4. You will receive regular automated order updates from FedEx or DHL by email as to the progress of your order directly. These stages are:

Shipment Created (Our warehouse has packed the product and notified FedEx/DHL and we are awaiting pickup)
Shipment Picked Up (The product has left our warehouse)
Estimated Delivery Notification (this will tell you the date and range of times between FedEx/DHL will try to deliver to you)
Delivered Notification (Successful delivery has taken place)

In instances where there has been a problem you will receive the following notification from FedEx/DHL:

Exception – there has been a delay to your shipment or you have missed delivery and a reattempt to deliver will be made

5. You will receive a FedEx/DHL tracking number at the Shipment Created stage of the shipping process automatically.

6. Please make sure you check your parcel for damage immediately on receipt of the product. If there is any damage to the box, please report it to the FedEx/DHL delivery driver, and reject delivery and also notify us immediately by emailing [email protected] citing your order number and FedEx/DHL tracking number.

7. We will not able to accept a product return if your reason is damaged by shipping if you do not:

a) Notify the FedEx/DHL driver of the damaged box on receipt of delivery; and
b) Notify us within 3 working days of the product being delivered.

8. All returns conditions can be seen on our returns policy. Please note section Important Notes & Exclusions.

9. Your price includes all shipping and insurances UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED. It also may include all sales taxes and other duties and fees ONLY WHERE SPECIFICALLY STATED.